Company management principles:

"professional", "positive", "trust", "innovation"

The company specializes in the surface treatment of various materials such as metal and plastic, and is strongly committed to professional, positive, trustworthy and innovative policies. It also participates in the promotion and implementation of "ISO 9001" quality management and "ISO 14001" environmental management

Aluminum Emblem

Aluminum nameplate is multi-color printing on the surfaceof aluminum,hair line, Grinding,Embossed,Diamond-cut,anode,folding or punch forming can be processed. Applicable to all kinds of industries need

Aluminum Friction Emblem

Aluminum friction emblem by the mold, the next  extrusion and molding,can do paint,Grinding Diamond cut,anode... widely used in various types of electronic products

Electroformed Emblem

For the formation of nickel electroforming and 3D multi-layer electroforming

Plastic Emblem

Can do multi-color printing,gradually plating,convex,irrigation PU plastic processing

Soft Emblem

Green PVC / TPU or composite processing



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FAX:(02) 2995-8176




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